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Im 47 and have smoked everyday for the last 34 years, I was up to 50 cigs a day sometimes more rarely less. I was Mr Angry when it came to non smoking areas etc. A couple of months ago I was working on my sisters pond and she noticed how heavily I was breathing doing the most simple tasks, she was visibly upset but she didnt say anything. I knew then I had to quit if not for me then for her. I didnt tell anyone not even the wife but I made a chart on a spreadsheet and said to myself I would smke 1 less cig each day till it was done. Can you believe I was consumed trying to get through the first 30 minutes but I made the first day smoking about 25 what a strain couldnt think work or do anything just try and get to the next cig, One cig a day less each day and I was down to 8 a day, I still entered each cig on the spredsheet as I smoked it and watched the daily average come down. I got stuck on 8 a day for aout 10 days I decided I needed some medical help but by the time I got to the docs for Zyban I was back up to 30 a day. I had to take 1 x 150mg tab each day for the first 10 days and continue to smoke and on the 11th day take 2 tabs and stop smoking. On the night of the 10th I still was up to 30 a day, I thought no chance, I didnt have any stamina left for this. but give it a go anyway. I got to about 10am on the first day and was eating chair legs again. I scratched arround and found some patches which ran out of date in 92, but on one went. unbelievable from that minute on I have been able to cope without much of a problem. I also bought some of those nicotine cigs, it a plastic cig with a nicotine cartridge inside. for emergencys you understand. When I go out I pull on that and it gets me through. I cut 21mg patches in half to use them up before starting on the 14s sometimes now I dont even put a patch on and I suck on an empty plastic cig, sad isnt it but Im not smoking and thats what matters. I had no side effects at all except a raging thirst and I drink tea all the time, oh I'm English, I had headaches but they are gone but I still dream of smoking and am desparate in a morning but take the tab put on the patch and a pull on the plastic and I'm away. I would just like to say over the years Ive met people who quit cold turkey but for me they were'nt real smokers. Ive met patches people and the rest but I was the worst big smoker very vocal, in fact the other day some one was sitting in the smoking section and was huffing and puffing about the smoke so as usual i told him to It can be done and im proof no bull


Paul :bouncing:

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