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I'm 20, a pack a day smoker more or less, and I'm trying to quit smoking because i think my years-long problem with anxiety has much to do with smoking; because i'll be in Sweden next year where cigarettes are SOOO EXPENSIVE; and because my parents really want me to.
This is my first attempt; I'm using 4mg Commit lozenges to quit
Today's my first day, so far so good. When I have a lozenge, my cravings cease for a good couple of hours. These are my only worries for the day:

1. fatigue) my only real complaint is that i feel pretty devoid of energy. Strangely enough, my cardiovascular workout (a 5x/wk habit, even throughout my smoking days) PALED in comparison to my normal smoker's workouts. I just read a post talkiing about the fatigue associated with quitting smoking.But since I'm still consuming the stimulant via the lozenges, it may simply be something else than quitting.
2. food) i was struck by a strong sugar craving and a very strong hunger pang mid-afternoon, more intense than I'm used to. But this is when my blood sugar normally spikes anyway, so it's not surprising. It's probably a combination of quitting smoking and reducing my caffeine intake (caffeine ALWAYS makes cigarettes effectually irresistible for me)
3. too high dosage?) I'm not sure whether this is typical for nicotine gum/lozenges, but I start to feel very nauseous, sometimes my head hurts, (signs of nicotine overdose, actually, right?) when I'm dissolving one in my mouth. I CANNOT dissolve NINE a day like the package says; that's way more nicotine that I consumed to start with. I've had about four or five. And I CANNOT finish a lozenge, the most I've dissolved one was about 75%. Mostly I spit it out halfway.
My body and brain realized that my cheek is now the source of the pleasure it's missed so much, and so I get a genuine sense of satisfaction for the first few tingly moments of absorption. I guess that's good, although I'm truly afraid I'll become one of those people who stays stuck on NRT way after the smoking is through with.
I was sort of disheartened when I read a post today that the real withdrawal symptoms wouldn't come for people on NRT until they gave up the patch/gum/lozenge. Cause I must say, I'm really really struggling with this I'm overwhelmed, thinking that this isn't even the real struggle. . .
wow! thanks for all the enthusiasm and support for a stranger!
I feel good today, I'm getting used to the lozenges. They make me a little less nauseous now and they didn't give me a headache today. They really quell cravings!
Unfortunately, my mouth feels a bit sore from all the lozenges, and my tongue is kind of swollen. That's listed as a side effect though, and I think it's normal and okay.
I don't think the fatigue I felt yesterday was quitting-related after all.
Well, good things:
1. I like going to bed smelling like soap and shampoo, not cigarettes.
2. I like not having to roll my window down in 100+ degree weather when I'm driving
3. I feel like I can focus better on the things in front on me, instead of needing to break up every activity into twenty minutes intervals so I can have a cigarette "break"
4. I feel less anxious by far, which really is my goal.

I'm so worried about the drinking thing, though. . . the fact is, I don't want to stop smoking when I'm drinking, damn it!
ps. my first thirty-six hours without a cigarette in six years.
At twenty-four and twelve hours it was probably a record, too. I used to even smoke when I was sick as a dog, in bed for days on end.. I still would have at least one cigarette. That should sound gross, but I'm not far enough away yet from the addiction to be surprised by my own insanity.
Hi Cecelia,

I've used the lozenges and still enjoy a few each day. My husband and I have gone off of them for a few months and are using them again by choice. The addiction is not as bad as you're imaging. I think when you get off of the lozenges, it's alot like quitting coffee....a little uncomfortable but very do-able. It's nothing like trying to quit smoking. I wanted to go back on the lozenges because of my depression which I believe stems from menopause. My hubby just enjoys them. We don't have any urges to smoke (it's been 15 months) and are pretty disgusted with cigs now. As you have found out, the lozenges are easy to get used to. Hubby and I have bought the 4mg and split them in half to make them last longer. It saves money and cures our cravings. The 2mg and 4mg are the same price. When we first quit, we noticed that we still had a full lozenge in our mouths after almost 2 hours. It was such a waste of money to throw them away.
We have totally avoided drinking until our urges for cigs were completely gone. That time will come for you too. The best thing is to stay away from it until them. I hope you will take Deda's advice and find something else to keep you busy until this has passed.

Good Luck,

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