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[I][QUOTE=cookiepls]Deda, I did the same thing. Over and over again. That's why I stopped going to the movies. Now a drive-in theatre on the other hand......... :D
Love 'em! That is, if you can find one. Oh yeah, I agree that living here in California might help me finally quit. That's what I've been thinking about since I moved here. It might just give me that extra little kick I need.

By perseverance the snail reached the ark. ~Charles Haddon Spurgeon~[/QUOTE][/I]


Forget the drive in movies....[B]JUST QUIT NOW!!![/B] :D You can do must kind of want to, or you would'nt be visiting this I right?

BTW, there's drive in movies up here in the North part of the state. Not a lot, but a few. (they're a dying breed, I hear there's only about 100 of em left in the US! I loved them when we were kids though!) I take it your hubby is in the Navy. S. Diego? Hey, my hubby is retired those AF bases don't let you smoke anywhere! And THEY REALLY MEAN IT!!! You're liable to get shot if they catch you!! LOL! (and they helped get me hooked, as they were SO cheap in the commissary, way back in the early 70' $2.75 a carton!) Too bad it wasn't that way back when we were in, (we lived on the base), as it might of got me to quit for good back then! I kept trying, kept takibg smoking cessation courses at the base hospital, (free gum, free patches, 8 week classes), and I would graduate with honors! LOL!! Trouble was, I was never 100% ready to quit! So it gave me some breaks from it tho. A year here, six months there...well, it probably prepared me somewhat for this final quit, 22 months ago. I did learn a lot about the dangers of smoking, and how to go about quitting in those classes. They were great! Why don't you take one? :D
Good luck, cookiepls!
Deda :)

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