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You are quite right--you need to quit smoking. Of course that's easier said than done. I finally quit after decades of smoking and, yes, ill health. I quit too many times to remember but what finally worked for me was the patch and Allen Carr's book (I can't remember the exact title). The book was KEY to my quit.

Also, I did suffer from COPD and was on every steroid available. I started nebulizing glutathione (a combination of amino acids) several years ago, and quit the steroids. I have no symptoms now of COPD. I'm not saying that I'm cured (haven't been tested) but I feel "normal." You can research glutathione online. It must be prescribed by an MD and is made at a compound pharmacy.

Do not give up. Keep trying.


[QUOTE=bevann26]i am a heavy smoker of 40 yrs, diabetic, lung disease, high bloodpressure, i need help badly! i quit for 4 mos cold turkey, then another time for 4 mos. on the patch. i have tried welbutrin, hypnosis, commit lozenges, the nic gum! i know nicotine is out of your body within 72 hrs, (drinking lots of water helps for flushing it out better). i know my problem is willpower but i can't seem to get any. the few times i did quit i noticed i stayed in my room alot, or watching i was in a detoxe! i was tired all the time, and did'nt want to do anything, it all sound so sad, i help and answers from people who have done this successfully. could i also have some of your histories that might help me make it? i am on inhalers everyday for my copd. i really don't want to die but i'm geting scarred an not feeling well.please....please..anyone out there to help me? thankyou.....bevann[/QUOTE]

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