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I get heart palps too. Im 29 and have been getting them since I was about 26 or so. I always got one or two here and there every few months but for the past couple years I have gotten them almost daily. One day I got a big string of them and since them I get them quite often. I was a very heavy pot smoker till about 6 months ago and when I quit pot they went down drastically.

I would say the palps are coming from your cutting back. Because you dont smoke as much now, when you do smoke the nicotine is slamming into your bloodstream and causing your palps. Ive been smoking cigs for about 17 years now and last year I quit for 6 months. However, after quitting pot I had massive panic attacks daily and started smoking cigs again. When I did start smoking cigs again the first few times it felt like my chest was so tight and my blood pressure was skyrocketing. And I got more palps too.

Im going to try and quit again tomorrow because Im tired of bieng fat and I dont wanna die at 30.

Good luck.

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