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LOL! You sound like the way I used to be many years back. I would stress so much after reading health articles, and about different diseases, I was a wreck...severe anxiety, then panic attacks, then 5 years on Zoloft to make me relax, just to live without constantly thinking I was sick or dying. (But it wasn't funny at the time) Try to relax, okay? I don't think you are going to faint from having a cigarette, I really don't. (Now maybe if you doanted a pint of blood right before that, but.....)

Have you ever thought of possibly using Wellbutrin/Zyban with your quit? (Refresh my memory, please...are you using that?) It might be a good idea for you as you seem to be having quite a bit of anxiety over quitting, which I can certainly understand. I did take that a couple of years ago before I quit, and it did seem to work well....I felt really calm and it really took away the strong desire to quit..which was wonderful. I don't think you need to worry about're going to be alright. :)

Deda :)

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