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I quit smoking august tenth, used the patch and thought this was alot easier than I thought it would be.I smoked for 40 years and enjoyed it.I did all the steps just like I was supposed too,A month after quitting my husband and I left for a dream vacation to europe and a cruise back to the united states.We had a wonderful time and were with all non smokers so it really made things alot easier.I really did think it was going to be harder.
When we got back home I took off the patch and still didnt really want to smoke but alot worse things started to happen.Vivid dreams,I wake up in the middle of the night and cant go back to sleep.Some days I cry all day really sobbing I feel so alone.
I am not alone, I have children, a husband who loves me and beautiful healthy grandchidren,We are truely blessed.
I have started having shortness of breathe to gasping for air.I went to see a pysphcologist at a crisis center and told her I thought the patch had given me a nervous disorder.she said she thought it was a result of the patch and to see an MD. I have been so impatient,I have tingling in my hands and ankles and literally felt like crawling out of my skin.
I have a medical doctors app on tuesday.I just found these boards and from reading them realize I am not alone.that more of you are out there.I have read alot of you say you have these things bothering you but what I cant find out is this.......for all of you that have made it for awhile do these awful feelings leave........I was perfectly happy, healthy smoker, now I am a mess who needs to go to the doctors.
Do I want a cigarette,No and I havent even consider lighting one up but this isnt what I bargained for, I thought I would feel better not be a mess.Please can anyone tell me is this going to be a life sentence if it is I cant do it :confused:

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