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I also had a parent get diagnosed with cancer before I quit. I had been gearing up for yet another attempt when I got the phone call. My dad has Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer and he is terminal. He's only 55. That was a HUGE motivator. I went out a got some Commit Lozenges and popped one in the morning I quit and went shopping with my sister. Kept busy all day. I did break down and had three cigs over the course of the next few days, but I have been completely smoke free for 41 days now using Commit. I just knew I HAD to quit so it has been easier this time than the last few times I tried to quit. Not saying it is easy, just easier than last time.

I would suggest planning your quit day a head of time. Set up appointments, go shopping, play golf, or whatever you like to do to stay busy. Keep peppermints around, cigs and mint don't mix well. Start getting your teeth white again. That has been a pretty good incentive for me not go light up again. I have gotten most of the stains off of my teeth and I DON'T want them back.

Good Luck! You CAN do it! :bouncing:

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