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[QUOTE=CleaninCT]And thats after smoking 1 to 2 packs a day for the last 30 years..

I made it a full day so far, chewing gum right now, and wife is smiling at me.....

I guess I'm just tired of being sick and tired........I can't even climb a flight of stairs anymore without sitting down to catch my breath...

I remember the days when I would run 3 miles every mourning and every night, during my military days..

I'm only 45 now, I just hope I haven't done to much damage already..

But I'll be dammed if I light up another cig.........I'm going to do this for me......[/QUOTE]

CONGRATS!!!! This is my 3rd and final quit, its easier now because I had a mini stroke 2 weeks ago, and no matter how bad the cravings get, I will NEVER put another butt in my mouth ever again...I have the power of prayer and the will to quit along with using Commit Lozenges....I will conquer this once in for all...I already feel a difference and its only been 2 days....I don't shake as much with Commit and I strongly suggest anyone who quits use this product...ITS A WONDERFUL HELP!! I am only 39 and with all my health problems its this or die...and I pick the live over anything...I have a strong attitude this time....It took having my side of my face going numb and drooling to figure out that its time for a MAJOR change in my life...I use to have constant indigestion all day long...and even though I have only been smoke free 2 days and counting...NO indigestion...its an amazing feeling to say the least...WE ALL WILL KICK THIS ADDICTION!!! :bouncing:

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