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Hey all,

I quit smoking 2 weeks ago after I noticed I was having intermittant sharp pains in my chest. Went to the cardiologist who said my heart is fine and that I have Gerd.

So I quit smoking. I was quit for a whole week, then had a relapse. Smoked 2 packs over 3 days during a weekend. Come monday I was so pissed at myself, I stopped again, and haven't even thought about smoking again.

Now, I am still having some achey chest pain, and have horrible sinus drainage and I am coughing A LOT and producing this sticky ugly yellow brown phlegm. IS this normal after quitting? The chest pain and the phlegm?
I am thinking that maybe my body totally rebelled on me after quitting for a week then smoking overload for 3 days.

Any one else with the pain and phlegm?


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