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You have it all right....Smoking sucks and it sucks to quit! You might want to ask your doctor about Zyban..its a wonder drug..its an anti depressant which actually makes you NOT want a cigarette, I did this: I picked a day I wanted to quit, I started taking zyban and on the 8th day I quit, and never went back to smoking, the withdrawls were easier and I had alot of family support. My husband at that time was a smoker and still is (he has throat cancer, we are divorced) I tried to get him to quit with me, but he didn't want too and still smokes to this day with cancer...guess it doesn't matter now! Anyways, zyban does NOT contain anything to do with smoking, I.E. nicotine, tar, poisons...that way if you need some extra help with quitting while taking zyban you can use the gum or inhaler, or the lozenge if you needed to. I stayed smoke free for 2 years until I started babysitting for a friend of mine (or so I thought) for her 4 kids..She was lonely and enjoyed talking for hours after she got home from work..anyways she got me started on smoking again and its been 6 years. I just quit again for the final time..I am using Commit Lozenges, they work wonderfully,...but I am a firm believer that anything will work for you to quit, but you have to REALLY WANT TO QUIT... I give other's credit for going "cold turkey" I just can't do it...but with the help of commit I am able to quit and feel pretty good, sure I get cravings...that is normal since I am "addicted" to nicotine...but soon I will be able to say that I am a NON SMOKER once again...I will forever stay that way...Each time you quit and start again, it makes it that much more harder to quit the next time...SO keep up the good work and remember you are quitting for you! :bouncing:
Yes, that is good advice to just lay them down..BUT if you feel the urge to still smoke, go out and buy commit lozenges...YES they are nicotine..but you can control your intake...When I took Zyban, they gave me the desire to quit, after taking the drug for 2 weeks, it totally killed my taste for smokes..and of course I ended up with all the "side effects" of thrush in my mouth...(very rare side effect) nothing tasted good and YES I was ready to quit and thus I did and never picked up a cigarette for 2 years...NOW I am in the process of quitting again (4 days and counting) this time I am using commit, the juices you swallow is nasty, but they taste ok, I got the mint flavor. Just decide what you want to do and just do it! The sooner the better or before you know it, You will be up to a full pack a day!! and will have to start all over again...I still feel the urge to just pick one up and just smoke it, but the reasons why I am quitting to begin with just sort of creep up and so I take a lozenge and the urge is gone..I keep doing that until I am free of that nasty devil...YOU CAN DO THIS, WE ALL CAN!! :bouncing:
Thank you for the advice. I will try the commit lozenges. I will let you know if it works for me!

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