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Re: On day 2
Mar 21, 2006
Think of it this way for a minute....DO you want a cigarette to control your life? DO you want to make the tobacco companies richer and you poorer and more addicted? WELL you have made the right step in the right direction...Quitting any addiction isn't easy! BUT...its obvious that you want to quit or you wouldn't have posted...IF you are that irritable, then go see your doctor and ask him for a prescription for Zyban, not the substitute either which is Welbutrin...its NOT the same no matter what anyone says, it doesn't work as well as Zyban...Zyban is an anti-depressant, but it also has a way of making a smoker NOT want to smoke again, it controls the "DT's" withdrawl effects and the irritation of wanting a smoke...I used it and on the 8th day of the drug, I quit and stayed smoke free for 2 years...Never wanted another smoke...until someone got me started again, and I was thinking what would it hurt to smoke just 1? WRONG..I have been a hard core smoker now for 6 years..(2 packs a day most days) and I just quit 2 days ago, with a much different attitude this time and I am using Commit Lozenges...THEY WORK very well for the cravings...SO if you are willing to quit, then go the distance and buy something to help you out...The patch works if you can stand it on your skin, I couldn't...Commit works, Zyban works. and I have heard that the gum works...All the above mentioned have nicotine in them except they DOESN'T contain nicotine or tar, its just a little push in the right direction...Good Luck to you... ;)

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