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Re: 14 days!
Mar 19, 2006
congratulations....i am glad that you feel so healthy....and i am glad that you havent had a cigarette in 14 days.

i quit smoking february using wellbutrin.....but have quit taking it due to the fact that it was causing bad depression symptoms. i havent taken any in about 4 days now. i am not so sure if the meds really helped or not...i think it was more determination that anything..BECAUSE....i still had the occasional cravings...but as soon as i realized that i was thinking about wanting to smoke...i reminded myself why i decided to quit....all those reasons.....and the urge quickly left........i also still have an issue with irritability....but cant make up my mind if its the medication effects...or the withdrawal.........i feel that i am depressed...but dont really know if its all due to the medication....or just simply because life does suck. my dad died one year ago march 17th..from emphysema.....still dealing with sister was diagnosed with colon cancer this past january......(which are the 2 very reasons i decided to quit smoking!!!!) plus every day stress with life....gas prices, bills, money, just all the normal things....just so depressing.

i am not sure that drinking and trying to quit smoking will work. i think the two go hand in hand....such as coffee drinkers and really should give up both in order to have a great chance at success.

my honest opinion..and i am truly not trying to discourage you....i am proud of you for attempting and doing as good as you are........but the patches are still putting the nicotine in your of the things you are addicted to. i have tried the patches many times in the past.....and realized how crazy that spend that kind of money....and still be putting nicotine in my body...the very thing i am trying to get away from!!

even though the wellbutrin xl---300 mg...gave me the side took it 2 months to do that to me...(IF thats what caused my depression, i cant honestly say that it did) helped me to quit smoking. it somehow blocks that area in your brain....and it causes you to "forget" to smoke. BUT....once you have taken it for about 2 weeks....YOU have to personally lay the cigarettes down....because you are USED to running to the store when you are low on are USED to lighting up under certain you have to make a concious effort to lay them aside and go about your business. out of sight....out of mind......

i personally had to have a pack "comfort"......i knew that they were here....thats ALL i needed.....the pack was bought the day that i decided to quit....and is STILL UNOPENED on top of my cabinet......with NO desire whatsoever to go back to smoking. i was a 1 pack a day smoker for 16 its not like i just started smoking yesterday. i do still want one here and there....but under no circumstances will i allow myself to go back to smoking.....i DO NOT want my kids witnessing me die as horribly as i witnessed with my dad....and i DO NOT want to have to go through the ordeal that my sister is going through with having to wear a colostomy bag......i am trying soooooo hard to change my live that i can HOPEFULLY decrease any chances of getting any of these nasty illnesses. but i know that if i go back to smoking, and continue to eat unhealthy.....i am just BEGGING for something bad to happen to me. good luck. i wish you the best.

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