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Re: Is this normal?
Mar 21, 2006
lol...too funny!

i guess your hubby is gettin it from all directions, huh? lol. i am glad that i have decided to quit before i hit the menopausal state....that alone will be enough to make someone WANT to smoke.....LOL. (I know because i had to be put on medication that put me in a temporary menopausal state........and OH MY, HOW I DREAD THE REAL THING!!!!!!) i dont know about the herbal stuff...who knows.....they have it for anything and everything i really wouldnt be surprised if you found it

i did come up with a possible reason for my weight gain....may be a shot in the dark...but hey---its worth trying! i joked last night with hubby and told him that i think i am drinking too much water and thats why i am gaining weight....and he said "could be! you dont sweat it out, you can only expel so much urinating...and the rest has nowhere to go except all around in your body!" (it takes alot to make me sweat....i mainly just get hot...and clammy has to REALLY be hot for sweat to roll off me) that does make sense. even when i walk...and i walk a mile and 2/3rds...moderately paced....not slow, not real fast.....and i only get hot...not to the point of dripping sweat...only getting clammy skin. so, that really does make sense....just dont know if thats my true am trying something i have NEVER done before...and hope i am not messing up. i bought some diurex. i also bought some green tea SAYS it curbs appetite, helps burn calories, and boosts energy.......guess we will see if BOTH of these products actually help!

your question of is it healthier to be fat and smoke free??? add another question in it healthier to be : smoke free....and be fat.....and be so hateful and snappy and so ill that you raise your blood pressure and risk having a heart attack??

really.......what IS the best answer?....LOL. but actually....i did have a better day today.....i went to a friend of mines home today....she cooked me breakfast...we chatted for a long time....came home....and was in a good mood all evening long!! WOW! maybe if i just get out and socialize some might help with the moodiness?? i am such a BIG homebody though.

yeah....vent, rant and rave all you want to with me....LOL....if it will help keep you from going back to smoking....i will listen...thats what we are here for! good luck.

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