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I went out today and bought the gum and read the booklet inside. Tomorrow I will be going out to buy a small calendar to put my stickers in on when to use less gum until you have to use no gum at all.

My hubby suggested the gum because he has used it twice, quitting once for 5 years and the other for 2 years, and his father quit with the gum also.

I actually quit cold turkey for 7 years, was it was not real bad at all, just stayed committed to quitting. After a week or 2, I was absolutely OK.

The problem now is that I have Panic Disorder (Panic Attacks) and anxiety. I knew that I needed more help and could not cold turkey it this time around.

Can anyone tell me what I might be facing with quitting since I have this disorder. I am on medication for the Panic.

A couple of more questions, what is it in a cigarette that causes lung cancer, is it the tar, nicotine, or smoke? Does anyone know?

Will the gum be sufficient enough to help me with the Panic/Anxiety?

Thanks for your help!

My husband and I quit together using the nicotrol inhalers and the gum. We're both still pinching each other. Hard for us to believe that we were able to do it this time. ;)

My anxiety was fairly high before I quit. I don't have anxiety attacks or panic disorder but I was just anxious about quitting. It stayed bad for a while after I quit but now my anxiety is very very low. Other than feeling fat as a cow, I feel great. LOL :eek:

Smoke-free for 2 months, 2 days and 23 minutes. I saved 1 week and 4 days of my life, and saved $479.70. :bouncing:

I wish great success to everyone who is trying to quit and congratulations to all who have.

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