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I'm a 40+ yr. smoker and have FINALLY been able to be smoke-free for 8 days using Commit lozenges. This is a first for me, and I still find it unbelievable I've managed this long. However, I STILL have these strong urges to have a smoke! :nono: How long does this craving usually last? Will there EVER be a day when I can wake up and not want a cigarette? PLEASE. I need encouragement!

its different for different people. i quit smoking...i guess you could call it cold turkey???? (i was on wellbutrin for 2 weeks, then quit smoking, was on it for about a couple of weeks or so after quitting, realized it was causing severe depression, so i came off of it). honestly, its the habit of smoking...smoking after you eat, smoking when you first wake up....smoking while talking....just the pure and simple habit of doing it. once you get into a routine of not will think of it less and less. when i first quit, i thought of smoking all the time....BUT, now that its been almost 2 months...i rarely think about smoking....just sometimes i get a QUICK urge...but it disappears just as quick! so....hang in CAN do it!!! start walking....doing GOOD things to your body in exchange. i am now walking...have cut out most of my sodas and replaced it with water....eating much healthier now....trying to undo as much damage as i can and treat my body better. that helps me a whole lot!!!!

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