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[QUOTE=StaceyLee]Hi. I quit smoking cold turkey Feb. 26 :) , and since I've quit I have been having a lot of nightmares and my dreams have been very vivid. Also, every single night since I quit, I have dreamed that I was slipping up and smoking a cigarette and in my dreams I knew it was wrong and felt really bad about it so of course I'm relieved when I wake up that I didn't actually smoke. And the nightmares, I get those almost always.
Another thing is, food is supposed to taste better after you quit (something to do w/ tastebuds and smoking) but I've noticed that everything I used to like I don't like anymore...I've lost my taste for nearly everything, nothing seems to taste good. Guess I got the reverse effect. :rolleyes:
Just curious, has anyone else experienced the same....nightmares..vivid dreams..and food tasting differant better or worse? And with the dreams...what do you do about the nightmares??
Thanks a bunch.[/QUOTE]

To this day, I still have dreams that I was smoking. I would wake up and for that split second, I thought to myself, CRAP I BLEW IT. Only to realize I was dreaming. I dont think that will ever go away. I talk with people that quit 10 plus years and still have dreams on smoking. Your nightmares will settle down in a few weeks to come. My food still tastes the same. I was a 1/2 a pack a day smoker, so I never noticed a huge change in that area.
Good luck to you, and keep going. :bouncing:

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