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my experiences with wellbutrin xl 300 mg.........i have tried it 3 times....2 times was for only a month each....i wasnt really serious (as i thought i was) about quitting smoking. the third time i tried did work.....but i was determined!!!!!! before i laid the cigarettes down for good....i had taken the wellbutrin for about 2 weeks...BUT it wasnt as simple as just not wanting to smoke. i was smoking less and less...forgetting to smoke, HAD to make myself not light up ever again, in order for me to actually get started on saying "i quit". i got down to my last smoke at 10 am, and made myself see how long i could go without buying another pack. it lasted til 4 pm.....i went to the store....because of the anxiety feeling that we always feel when we cant smoke!!...and bought me a pack. i got home, got out of the car and was gonna open the pack....and thought to myself "no way....i am NOT doing this!!!" i went into the house...threw them in the drawer...and that was it! I officially quit that day! so...what i am saying still have to make yourself put them just should be a heck of a lot easier with the wellbutrin. WILL need to find things to keep you that you wont get bored and think about smoking. i quit feb 16th.....the first was kinda hard to get out of the habit....i would always smoke while doing certain that became strange to not have one in my hand..and i would always "automatically" get up to get a smoke..just to remember that i dont smoke anymore...LOL. far as the wellbutrin..........anxiety IS a side effect of it...(i suffer with anxiety anyways)..the lump in your throat is one example of MANY anxiety symptoms...just have your dr prescribe you some xanax.....that will help with that. now........i was NOT able to continue taking the wellbutrin......PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ AND COMPREHEND CAN CAUSE you to go into a depression......even though its an anti--depressant! I became badly depressed after being on it for about 1 1/2 months......and thankfully I recognized what was going on. I started weaning myself off of it (DO NOT stop all at once!!)...I started taking it every other day, i done that for about 1 week. (the wellbutrin xl 300 just take once a day) So be aware of your actions....and make sure that your spouse/family is aware that this can cause that if it happens....they will be aware and get you help in case you dont recognize it yourself!!!!!

the side effects may lessen with you as time goes one can answer that question......the only thing i can say, is just pay attention to see if you get better or worse.

i didnt use anything else to help me quit smoking. WANTING to quit and the wellbutrin are the ONLY things you need. The patches, the gum...the inhalers.......ALL they do is keep the nicotine in your system.......the purpose is to get it OUT of your system so that your body will stop craving it!!! I tried the patches MANY times....and decided that it just isnt worth $50 to keep putting nicotine in my body..when i was trying to get it out!!! LOL.

i have no idea if it would be just as effective if you only took it once a honest opinion.....I think it depends on your determination.

ALSO.....HAVE YOURSELF ANOTHER GOAL PLANNED!!!!!!! my hubby told me that if i remain smoke free through june...that he will take me to disney world!!!!!!!!!!! Lord knows that we cant afford it....BUT..........we will worry about that later!!! if i am able (which i know i am) to remain smoke free.....i will be healthier....and i would rather be broke...and healthy!!!!!!! LOL....anyways........because i WANT to go to disney world.......i have another lose 20 those 2 things combined are keeping me from smoking.......and overeating!!!!!!!!!

i quit smoking because my dad died march 17th, 2005 from emphysema......and my sister (only 45) was diagnosed with colon cancer this past january........major wake up call!!!!!!!!!!! (i am 33)....I always enjoyed smoking......i still enjoyed it the day that i quit........BUT......i decided that i am not going to sit here and "enjoy" something that would torture me my death. list all reasons why you should quit smoking....

also.....something that should not allow yourself to smoke indoors. eventually (within a few weeks IF you are not living with someone that smokes indoors, you WILL be able to smell how horrible cigarettes makes a person/air stink.........REALLY stink!!!!!!!! non smokers arent being judgemental....they really are being truthful) really will shock you. i grew up with i never knew...until i forbid myself to smoke indoors....and am now embarrassed to know that i smelled so horrible all through school, and when working, etc. good luck!!!

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