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(((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) to all for caring. right now i have had to return to my PTSD therapist. since my work injuries and my personal health being affected because of al the stress my PTSD has come out full blown. still smoking and know that this is not the time to even attempt quitting. 1# have to get the PTSD under control because i can't function right, #2 have to get my BP and diabetes back under control, #3 have to get proper treatment for the work injuries. they all have priority right now and if i tried to quit i would be setting myself up for failure right now. i did learn alot about my triggers with this last quit so hopefully when the time is right i will make it next time. need to be busy to be a success and right now the only busyness i have going on is stress and pain. so when i am well and can go walking, back to work, volunteer etc i will give it another shot. be well all:wave:

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