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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Redman...

Congratulations on staying quit for 7 weeks now...please keep it up! :)

Redman, there are quite a few people on this board, who write in here how they have quit and now they feel worse than ever. Strange, huh? I read not too long ago, that some University in Pennsylvania did a study, and found that a number of people seem to develop innflammation problems in various parts of their bodies soon after quitting smoking. I can't remember it all, but it sure caught my eye, after all the messages I've seen here of people having pain and feeling ill after quitting smoking.

I quit 3 years ago, and I didn't feel well either, but then again, I was just starting treatment for a thyroid problem, myself. (hypothyroid) The common symptoms of that are, intolerance to cold, fatique, dry skin, hair loss, tingling, muscle pain, sleeping problems, constipation, etc., plus there's a whole lot more that you don't really see in the text books. Go to our wonderful thyroid board here at healthboards and you will see,...there's all kinds of crazy symptoms, (of which I've had many myself) If you are concerned you have it, you should see your Dr. about it, and get tested for it. Don't be afraid,'s very really is.

Redman, why do you still think you might have lung cancer? I think maybe you're just worrying too are pretty young. Not that you couldn't have it, but I don't think it's likely, and I myself would be convinced I don't have lung cancer if 4 Dr's and 4 chest x-rays said please relax.

Please talk to your Dr. about your fears, and if reading about health issues online worries you too much, (anxiety), then please quit reading's not worth it! Believe me, I've been through all of that myself, and wish I hadn't worried so much like I did....I think that caused me to feel sick, (the anxiety), and obviously, I wasn't dying like I thought I was, as I'm fine now.

I think it just takes our bodies a while to adjust to going from getting all of that nicotine and chemicals/toxins, to having to go back to normal, without it. (Smoking tends to conceal pain too--it's a fact) Give your body some time to heal, well, sleep well, start exercising...and come back here later and let us know how great you're feeling.

Are you still having problems with the sinusitis/bronchitis?

Good luck...

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