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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Blue"]Hi Heather--

Glad your mom in law is feeling better. (your sis in law is a bit weird, huh?) LOL

About the, I never had any heart palps from using the patch or the gum. I was on the patch first, and then started using the gum, as my hubby would leave cards of it lying all over the house, and one day I picked one up and tried it, :eek: and the bad thing was, it was very addictive, but the good thing was, it really helped with the oral gratification....both him and I were hooked on it. :p

Heather, I have seen people on here say they've had heart palps from the gum or patch...I guess getting one form of nicotine from any source would do the would think, but who knows? What strength of patch did you use? Also, if you do get the gum, probably it would be better to get the 2 mg., instead of the 4 mg. After a while, you can even cut them in half....I used to do that. (To taper down, I had to keep cutting em down, until I got down to 1/4 of a 2 mg piece) You haven't smoked for a while now, right? So if you haven't smoked for a while, I'm sure the 2 mg gum will be fine.

My hubby and I really loved that gum and like I said, we really got hooked on it. (but NOT everybody does) We loved the "taste" of it, even though we used the regular (original) flavor. It's not really a flavor, and a lot of people say they hate it, but we didn't. LOL They also have mint, and orange, and some guy was on here a while ago, and said the off brand he bought had a bubble gum flavor!! (I think it was Rite-Aid or something like that. You could type "bubblegum" into the searchbox)

Nicorette brand, (the original one, and the most costly), I noticed they now have a "coated" gum. I did start getting stomach troubles, (ulcers) after I had been on it for a while, but I also was on a lot of NSAIDS, so I can't blame it all on the gum. Just be careful.

Good luck...and I can't wait to see Bullwinkle's new thread too, I enjoy her unique postings. (pretty humerous sometimes,huh?) :D

Good luck, Heather....

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