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Congratulations!! I know you will feel so much better in a short time. Don't look at it as giving UP something. Look at it as GAINING a healthier lifestyle.

Good Luck to you!!


I feel better already. A little background: I'm 41 (my father was diagnosed 20 years ago with emphysema and still smokes---he's 63 now). In the past year and esp. the past few mos., everythign has been effort for me---the simplest thing (walking from one room to another) and I was out of breath. I'm not overweight (at least not enough to cause breathing issues) so little by little I kept telling my brain to stop making non smoking excuses. IT IS THE SMOKING, YOU IDIOT! That combined with the dr. giving me an unsolictied Rx for Chantix and a few more weeks of retraining my brain and here I am. I was truly amazed that on Day 1 I could feel the difference -- no headache, shortness of breath dramatically decreased; each day it improves more. I'm also reading the "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking". I just figured every little bit helps.

Again, you're the best! I hope you'll be treating yourself somehow to celebrate your 6 month milestone of beinga non-smoker!

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