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[QUOTE=dobie57;2799538]Also you Chantix veterans when did you get your energy back. I don't know if its the Chantix or the nicotine withdrawal but I think I could sleep the day away.
11 days smoke free, never thought I would be able to quit!!![/QUOTE]

That tired feeling is from both nicotine withdrawal and also the Chantix. After a couple of weeks it should get better. I think I slept when I wasn't doing anything else. And I slept for about 18 hours a day on week ends. At least I wasn't wanting a cigarette when I was sleeping. I had to make myself get up and do my work. Then I'd plop down and sleep. I finally had to make myself get up and exercise. I started feeling better then. Your body is adjusting to being without the nicotine and all those chemicals you've been putting in it. It will get better. Promise.:)


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