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Aloha! I'm a Newbie
Feb 11, 2007
[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="2"][/SIZE][/FONT]Aloha everyone! I've been smoke free for 4 days! I'm currently taking wellbutrin sr, well the generic form. The side effects were so bad for me. I'm anxious already (been diagnosed several years ago with Panic Disorder) and before taking the medication I was managing the anxiety. Well, I didn't do much research about the effects of Wellbutrin. I had anxiety up the ying yang! Panic attacks, jittery, shakey the whole bit. This started on day 4 (take 1 dose for 3 days and 1 dose 2 times a day).
Anyways, to make a long story short. I called up my doctor and got a refill for xanax. After taking 2 dosages for three days, I couldn't handle it. I was not sleeping. Getting up every two hours then having to work 8 hours a day plus transport client/families (I'm a family support worker and I work with environmentally at risk children and their families). I was foggy most of the time and anxious. I felt I was on speed or something. When the medication would release (it was a time realease pill) it was really strong. So anyways, I'm down to one dose a day till tomorrow.

I did stop smoking and I actually quit 2 days prior to my quit date. Smoking was not pleasureable and everytime I would think of smoking, my nerves just shot through me and made me dizzy...weird.

So here I am...I'm happy to have found this board with so much support. I'm hoping that after I stop taking the medication, I will remain smoke free. If not, I'm joining that band wagon and getting on Chantix.

Smiles and Aloha,


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