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Welcome to you!!
18 days smokefree.....wonderful accomplishment!!
What weirdness are you talking about? How are you feeling?

Here are the most common Chantix side effects:
headache, sleep problems, insomnia, unusual dreams, nausea, stomach pain, indigestion, vomiting, constipation, gas, weakness, tired feeling, increased appitite, unpleasant taste in your mouth.

And here are the most common nictoine withdrawal symptoms:
irritability, mood swings, restlessness, insomnia,
fatigue, inability to concentrate, sore throat, cough,
congestion, headache, increased appetite,
constipation, gas, stomach pain
dry mouth, sore tongue/gums, postnasal drip
tightness in the chest

I love that you found my favorite saying: Smoking is no longer an option!
It works, doesn't it? You keep telling yourself that.

Good Luck to you and please stop back and let us know how you are doing. Keep us updated on your progress to becoming a non smoker.

Wowwee, you folks rock!!
Many appreciations for welcome, suggestions and good will shared to me.
I've just read through all the other threads hit on since I was here last and there is some great stuff here. I wish that more folks that contemplate quitting could find this place easier and realize that there were good folks pulling for them in very real ways.
I'm gonna try and comment on a few things here, as long as my concentration holds up. This has been a very real issue for me that has been driving me nuts. It is one thing to not have your mind working 100% when you are used to it, but entirely another to KNOW it and not be able to do much about it other than hope that that clears up. I've made some brutal errors in judgement the last few weeks that I personally find embarassing and out of character to my past, but....:confused: "One step after the other" is all I can do sometimes and hope none of it is so dramatic that I cause any major hurt. And here is the 'kicker', that maybe I've always been this way and never slowed down to notice. (You know, us 'quitters' have all this extra time now! ;) )
Paula, your comment about 'giddiness' is a case in point that I find in myself a certain lack of stability that I attribute either to the 'quit' or the Chantix, or a combination. I have to say, Kevin's comment to me that included how everything was paired to a smoke while building a salad...cracked me up almost to tears! Likewise somethings bring me to tears easier.
I don't mind either extreme, when real, but hope I feel more secure 'down the road' about the genuine nature of my feelings.
Appreciate the list of side effects Memaw! The feeling in my chest was/is worrying me, but ultimately I'm a 'poster-child' for most of those lists! Throw in the occassional diarea and the double dose of gas as both the Chantix and withdrawal bring out, and you can figure out I have problems at *both* ends on a regular irritating basis. :eek:
I have to admit, the 'unusual dreams' have been one of the better parts of the ordeal. Besides great adventures, I've had interludes with a lot of friends and family in them some years passed away that helped me smile as I wake to a new day...:angel:
Um, more side effects, itching! Was reading someone's long-term quit notice that dry skin got better. Maybe I'm just being neurotic like my Labrador when he doesn't get to run enough, but I gotta get THERE!
I've never had much appetite oddly and this hasn't changed, but I make myself eat regularly, including breakfast to ease the bounce of the first dose of Chantix. Other dose is taken with supper, even if not 12 hours apart. Can appreciate those that don"t like the tummyache from this stuff!
And if this fun weren't enough, I've broken a molar grinding my teeth the 2nd week and need another crown:(
But STILL it is worth it!!!
Oh yeah, you know I was thinking about the 'side effects' thing that can be more than withdrawal from nicotine or the Chantix. When I tried the nicotine patch, it was NEVER (for me) the same as the 'buzz' I got from a smoke. Given things said in some of the anti-smoking 'propaganda' I had read in the past when they mention all the OTHER chemicals released in a cigarette, I'm sure a lot of us miss them to, even if we can't spell them. ;)
Ayup, I still feel a desire every day, and every day, I've gotten past it. I wish I had a nickle for every time I thought about going and buying some, but don't. I guess I ought to put those nickels in the jar of savings from not buying smokes, eh?
Bought my 2nd month's worth of Chantix, tomorrow is day 21; and I'm gonna set a new world record for how long I've ever gone without burning one!
Thanks for giving me a place to rant, and the comfortable feeling that I can.
I'm sure I'll do some more soon.

Hang in there everybody!! You long-termers out there that keep coming back and helping us all out are incredible. You other short-termers out there and the folks just thinking 'bout it are looking at perhaps one of the bravest things you have ever done!

The fresh air smells GREAT!!

Best Regards,

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