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First of all congratulations on being quit 4 months!!! Wonderful!!

What Traveller said....excellent advice!! She is exactally right.

I gained about 15 pounds after I had gotten off the Chantix that I used to quit smoking. I've taken that off now. Now I'm in the process of trying to lose at least 50 more. I figure if I can quit smoking, that I ought to be able to lose some weight. Only thing is.....I hate to diet!! I'm not that fond of exercise!! But we do what we have to.

When you quit smoking it slows your metabolism down...thus the weight gain. Exercise (I walk) helps to raise it. So find a way to raise your metabolism and you won't gain so much weight. Make sense?

Good Luck to you!! And keep up the good work. Let us know how everything goes for you.


Don't worry too much about gaining weight right now. Just concentrate on the quitting smoking. One thing at a time.

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