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[FONT="Georgia"][I]Hello All! My name is Kayla and I am on day 5 of Chantix. Just thought I'd share some of my experiences. Immediately after taking day 1, I started to notice that my cigarettes (Misty Menthol Lights 120's) tasted like someone dipped them in toilet water, then dried them out in the sun, THEN I smoked it. HORRIBLE. Or, they tasted like they sat in my glove box for a year, then I decided to smoke them. To me, this is a good thing! LOL. Also, I noticed the first night that I started Chantix I had vivid dreams. I still dream everynight, but they are the kind of dreams that you remember when you wake up, and even think about again throughout the day. That's ok, I'll take it. I'm a little moody, but I figure it's because I know I'm going to quit smoking. Nobody is ever prepared to focus on their "new" life of being smoke free when a good majority of your life, you haven't.

On the positive side, my first "ah ha" moment was the night before last, (I'm still in week one, so I'm still smoking), I noticed that I smoked the remaining cigarettes (only had 3 left) but the cool thing is, I noticed the next morning. I woke up and around 10am went to have a cigarette and realized I let myself run out the night before. That has NEVER happened! Also, I only have 5 cigarettes left in the pack I'm smoking now, and I haven't had the urge to go buy another pack just in case this one runs out while I'm at work. Just some of the things I've noticed so far. :)

Thought I'd share, hope everyone has success, as well as myself! I'm so ready to be done, I don't enjoy smoking anymore![/I][/FONT]

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