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[COLOR="Blue"] After reading about chantix for over a month and finally getting it I am happy to say that it does indeed seem to work. I would think everyone is different as I took it for 3 weeks before actually quitting. I never really set a quit date as it seems impossible to keep it and i knew if i did and had any extra cigarettes that i would end up smoking for another day or so. So it turned out that Sunday at 1:45am I ended up having 3 smokes left and knowing that i really wanted to finally stop i chained smoked them and have not looked back. I suppose the reason i waited so long to quit after starting the chantix was that i just had to decide to when it was time. So here in less than an hour i will be free of nicotine for 72 hours and it really feels good. The first day was not real bad , worst part i think was just having something to do with my hands, day two was a little worse , but today has been great. Yes there are the wild dreams, but just being able to breath and not keep myself awake from the wheezing is something in its self.
I would like to go ahead and thank all of the board in advance as it was this board that convinced me to get the chantix to start with. And after smoking 2-3 packs a day for 22 years I really feel good. So now its off to bed for tonights Chantix dreams of the day:yawn: :) . I have made it 3 days and look forward to the rest of my smoke free life.[/COLOR]

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