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Hi Terra! Well you sound like me, I never smoked much either - I could go all day long at work and not smoke, no problem. But the second I got home, bam, right out the back door to have a smoke, barely get the mail and purse down on the counter. I have been quit for 5 days now. Started the Chantix and mentally prepared myself for it. This is it!! NO MORE SMOKING!! I'm tried of feeling like a leper in society. I would not hang out with the friends, because they didn't smoke, and I didn't think I could shopping all day without smoking, and certainly didn't want to smoke in front of them. You just have to make the decision and do it. Since you don't smoke that much, it should be fairly easy. It's probably more of just a habit, since you can smoke just 2 or 3 a day. The Chantix does help you stay off them, I don't know what it is, but it's been real easy - and everyone else is reporting the same thing. Long time smokers, easiest quit they've ever had. So, I give it a shot! And you'll get all the encouragement you can handle on this board. Everyone is so great!!!

Good luck to you on your decision to quit! :blob_fire

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