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Welcome Julianna823!!!! :wave:

I was going to wait for my quit until a Monday, just so I could get thru one last weekend smoking away, but then my husband made his quit day on a Friday and so did my sister, so I said, what the heck, I'll give it a shot! That was really my true test - if I could go a whole weekend, when I used to smoke alot on the weekends, then I knew I could do it. Once you get past the initial shock of you're no longer a smoker, it's pretty easy to handle it. I'm not really having any urges anymore either. I don't think about it, although I was just sitting on the dock by the water, and the thought of a cig crossed my mind. I sat out there and smoked many a smoke, but no more. I feel great that I've made this healthy decision to quit smoking - and I'm 44 yrs old and have been smoking since my 20's.

I'm glad you're here - this board is great! And keep posting for all the other newcomers. I think people start relating to something they read, or if they read enough of it, they think, "Hey, it's working for all those people, it can work for me too!" It helps having so many nice people encouraging and praising your little baby steps along the way. And it's also funny to hear what side effects people are having (like gas - hehehehe), I don't have that problem, luckily!!!

Good luck to you....:p

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