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I have been reading a lot about everyones dreams they are having while using Chantix and what I find interesting is that a majority of people, including myself, seem to be dreaming of celebrities. Madonna and Janet Jackson were babysitting for me. I can't really recall, but it does not seem that I dreamed of celebrities prior to taking the Chantix. I just find it interesting there seems to be a common bond here. Maybe NBC, ABC and Fox got togehter with Chantix to subconsciously make us think of dream of our favorite celebs, LOLOL.
It's like a new adventure every night. Some of the dreams, well let's just say, they are very vivid. Can't really post some of them but you get the idea:) Actually excited to sleep to see what dream will occur tonight
[QUOTE=delighted;2841283]Wait. That was poor. Envision Matt Damon or someone - I just envisioned Clint Eastwood with disappointing results... He's lovely but as a grandfather or someone.[/QUOTE]

Ooooh no :eek: , Delighted, you need to envision Clint when he was young (think "The Beguiled" or some other old western). Aaahhhh, now isn't that better?! ;)

I am so bummed I did NOT get the dream side effect! :rolleyes:
[QUOTE=delighted;2842488]Paula! You're completely right!! I was just looking at Clint the wrong way!! What was I thinking? Beguiled? He was a knockout...Currently, I'm trying to get my dreams to include Tommy Lee Jones. Unfortunately, it's not like ordering in..the subconscince (?) is pretty the smoking craves that we all get.[/QUOTE]

That's the ONLY way I see him (young and oh so hot)! The Beguiled is an oldie and one that a lot of people never heard of. He plays a soldier (I think a confederate but it may be a yankee). He gets hurt and a girl from an 'all girl' school finds him and brings him back to the school to recover. I won't tell you how it ends but I will tell you his character is NOT NICE, which makes me think that may be why the movie wasn't popular.

I wish we could tell our minds what to dream! Have a great, smoke-free, day!
Hello, i'm a new member. Finishing 3 full days of Chantix-assisted smoke-free living! I am very encouraged by the results. I had been a two-pack a day smoker, and the big issue i seem to face now is "what to do" in place of the rituals i associate with in the morning, driving, surfing the web in my hotel room, etc.

Basically, i have figured out that i actually need to plan and think about what i want to do, and just "do something". Read, workout, walk, whatever......

But the [I][I][B]dreams[/B][/I][/I].


I've had them for 2 of the last 3 nights. Some humorous, and yes, like others have written - a celebrity was featured (it was just bizarre. In the dream i encountered "The Burt Reynolds Sunglass Factory"). That one was humorous enough, i suppose.

Last nights, well, it was just disturbing. A vivid nightmare. :confused:

But it's a small price to pay for what i hope to achieve. Becoming smoke-free. Bring 'em on! :)


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