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[QUOTE=mangojunky;2844594]Hi Paula,
How was your birthday weekend? Hope you had a wonderful time!
I have cut back to 1 mg/day because of the insomnia. It's been about a week now. I noticed some crankiness in the morning, and some fatigue last weekend. I now take chantix in the morning and st johns wort in the afternoon. That has helped with my mood and energy. I still have thoughts of smoking, but I shake them off. I am also sleeping better.
Take care, and I hope your rash goes buh bye!
:D deb[/QUOTE]

Thanks Deb. B'day was great! I am still 'indulging' so my plans of diet/exercise are still being procrastinated about! Hee!

Rash is much better today so I'm hoping it's on the way out and perhaps it wasn't even caused by Chantix. I am also thinking of stopping the p.m. pill as I've forgotten it 3x and seem to be doing fine w/o it. How long have you been taking St. John's wort? Do you find that it does help with mood? I think I'm in periomenopause and my moods have been 'flighty'. The Chantix seemed to help that but that effect seems to be wearing off.
Congratulations on your decision to quit Optomistic!!! Welcome to this message board. I think you're going to like how this Chantix help you to quit smoking. It is not "The miracle drug for everybody in the world". However there are an awful lot people out there who have quit successfully using it and this is just one board that confirms it. I used Chantix and quit smoking over five weeks ago. I could not have quit without it. I had smoked for 35 years. Let me tell you, I sure am glad to be rid of it. No longer will that stupid addiction run my life.

Please come back and let us know how you're doing. There are a ton of people out here who have been extremely helpful to those trying to quit. I think you will find a lot of "Quit Buddies" here. :) People on this board stretch all the way from you in California, me in Chicago, to Memaw in Tennessee, all the way to TrueBrit in England, so I think you are going to have fun.

[B]Mango[/B]: thanks so much for that info. Do you have to get it in a vitamin store, like GNC or is it sold everywhere? Hee, yeah, Iím indulging---on candy (sour patch kids), potato chips and beer. Geesh! But hey, I donít smoke LOL!

[B]Skimmer[/B]: I have made the conscious decision to stop the p.m. Chantix. Why take it if not needed. If I have any stress/mood related effects, I am looking into Mangoís suggestion. Maybe thatíll help you too.

[B]Kevin[/B]: Good to be back. I miss it here when I canít spend much time. Itís great to see all these new people hopping on the train!
[QUOTE=optomistic;2845544]I just took my first pill today. I'm praying it works and am very optomistic. The only real side effect I'm worried about is the dreams. I once tried quitting with the patches, and I had very vivid, terrifying dreams. I'd wake up in a sweat and try not to go back to sleep because I was afraid of the dreams, they felt so real. I've read some of the threads and know many people have had vivid dreams but I haven't heard anyone complain of terrifying dreams. Has anyone had nightmares?

I appreciate all of you who contribute to this site. It's already helped me, and I'm only on day one. I was optomistic before, but I'm even more so now.

Thanks to all![/QUOTE]

Hi optomistic!!:wave:
Welcome to you!! Always glad to see a new quitter!!
Chantix works differently on each person. So far after reading everything on this board, no two people respond exactly the same way. I didn't have the dreams at all.:( I had constipation, gas and nausea, the fun side effects!!:eek:

Good Luck to you and let us know in what ways we can help. Keep posting and reading this board and anything you can get your hands on about stopping smoking. The more you know, the better your chances of being a successful quitter are.

Hi Paula,
I am doing well. I have my moments - on Friday I was in the grocery store, and I looked at the cigarettes and thought- "I think I'll buy a pack" and then I caught myself. Saturday I woke up thinking about smoking, but after I went to the gym ( I am STILL sore!) I had no cravings, and was fine the rest of the day. I have PMS which doesn't help.
We got snow, then sleet then lots of rain. Saturday was an interesting day! Lots of flooding.
One day closer to spring! :blob_fire
I know what you mean about the 'moments'. I've had my share too. But so far we are WINNING the battle! We have to stay STRONG!

Sounds like you had the same type of weather as we did. I don't think we had as much rain as they had predicted but enough to make a MESS! Thank goodness we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ugh, PMS certainly doesn't help. I've had it 2x since starting Chantix.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the bike riding. Muscle soreness is one thing (hee I was sore after shoveling) but I was amazed at how good my lungs felt and how good my breathing was.

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