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Hi marie! welcome! Congrats on your quit!

Skimmer, I'm just wondering how you are doing with not taking the chantix anymore. I know its only been a few days but do you feel stronger cravings? I often think that I dont need the medication anymore, that, even though I've only been quit for a little over a month that I am such a nonsmoker now, Most of the time, I dont even think about it. Maybe about 2 times a day. I was thinking about just finishing my second month. Not that the side effects are terrible, I just hate not sleeping good at night!! I've had to take a prescription sleeping pill to sleep throughout the night and when I try not to take it, I am up EVERY hour on the hour!! The sleeping pill I'm on has the least potential for addiction of any of them out there but..... still I hate taking medication.
Also, I have a real hard time remembering to take my second pill. When I do remember, I feel its too late (I already cant sleep with taking it at 4pm) so quite a few times I just didnt take it. I suppose I should just finish out my three months to be sure that I get the full effect of the medication.

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