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I ALMOST smoked a butt from an ashtray this morning. I touched it, I smelled it, and I wanted to smoke a cigarette. Before you yell and ask why there is an ashtray, the boys friends smoke out back, so even so I clean it out, it is still there. I feel like it is my fault though. I dropped back to 1 pill a day, and I am two weeks quit and 3 days. Yesterday, I didn't take it. I read someone else's post who was asking why we needed to take the pill and I have been thinking the same thing, the nicotene is gone, why do I need the pill? This is the first really bad urge I have had and I mean really bad. I am wondering if the pill keeps you in the "I don't want to smoke" frame of mind until you have developed new habits, etc. and when you stop taking the pill it is no big deal. I had no side effects from stopping, really didn't feel any different whatsoever. But this is the first day I have not had anyone at the house, which is when I can really clean, ie the boys disgusting bathroom. And then I usually go out and smoke in between rooms, etc. I want to cry because I don't want to start smoking again.

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