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HI & CONGRATS to all the successful quitters and to those just beginning to take the plunge. What a wonderful place this is!!! And MEMAW! Honey, if some day there ain't a statue erected in your honor - it'd be a crime!!! I don't think I've ever witnessed a better cheerleader or positive force! *WOW* Quite amazing! I've only recently joined, had been reading for a few weeks and was totally amazed at the time and effort you put forth for others! YOU ROCK!!!!

As for why I'm here - I'm a wanna-be-quitter! I'm on my 4th. day of chantix. Scheduled quit date is the 14th. My wonderful Mommy's b-day (YES, it was intentional!) :) I'm 48, have smoked for 30 years, have quit in the past. The longest was 8 months when I found out I was pregnant. Two hours after our daughter was born -- hubby came in and the first thing outta my mouth was "got cigarettes with you??" Boy does that show you how long ago that was? Being allowed to SMOKE in a HOSPITAL!!!! Anyway - I've had a few half-hearted (failed) attempts over the years. Last year a friend of my husband's gave him the book "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking", by Allen Carr, (he was hoping it would help hubby to quit). It sat here for months. One day I picked it up, decided to read it. By the time I finished it, only hours later, I decided I was DONE!!!! I went over 3 weeks without a cigarette! And it was amazingly easy. OK - maybe not EASYYYYYYY!! But a heck of a lot more do-able than I expected. Even with hubby still smoking around me!

THEN (us smokers always have a "THEN" to make us pick up that pack again) we had to make the horrible decision to put down our 10 year old great dane. It was gut-wrenching! Of course, we all know, with grief or turmoil - you SMOKE! It's a given! Naturally - I was back to it full time. I still WANTED to quit but was so afraid to make the "commitment" and of the "failure". My doctor happened to mention chantix when I was in for routine stuff. I, being one that is highly sensitive to most meds, had to research it first. Read all the side effects and decided that no matter how bad they may be, or how scary the "rare" side effects were, it was worth the chance to stop slowly killing myself by smoking.

So the reason I'm here and posting is - I really think I can do this!!!! The majority of the time I "KNOW" I'm gonna do it this time!!! I waver occasionally but for the most part the confidence is there. But I want to really reinforce my chances by coming here for support. Not so much for me but for my wonderful husband. Background: he's quit twice and both times were so absolutely miserable for him that he would never, ever consider it again. When I quit last year - he was the best cheerleader - his admiration for how strong I was was what kept me going. Well, a dear friend at his work just passed from heart disease (yes, due to smoking for years and years), hubby called me up and said "when can we start those pills??" *Hot diggity*

So here's where I'm at - he is going to see how I do on the pills and has PROMISED to try and quit. A HUGE step for him!!! To sum it all up - his life (or quality of) depends on my being tough!!! "HE" is not putting the pressure on me, it comes from within. Therefore I'm feeling MORE pressure with this quit. I know this is to be expected but it's also causing me to question my chances. Am I making any sense? :)

Plus I'm finding myself dealing with alot of confusion -- since smoking is not carrying the same appeal that it did before starting the chantix. So I question myself "why have one if it's dull and icky tasting"? Then there's the other part of me that says "I'm ALLOWED to smoke until the 14th. -- might as well get in as many as I can". *sigh*

I should also mention - over the past few years we've cut back on the allowable smoking places - when our first (and only) grandchild was born I stopped ALL smoking in the house and cars. We live in Ohio, where they just passed the new smoking law, which pretty much makes you feel like a hardened criminal if you light up anywhere, even your own home, So with all of these restrictions in place, I'm hoping it'll be easier since we've eliminated so many places that would carry the smoking association. We were both 1 1/2 pack a day smokers, we are now down to between 8 -15 a day. Altho -- I'm sure with nice weather coming -- that number is bound to rise. (((No fun freezin' your buns off to slowly kill yourself!))) :rolleyes:

Sorry to have rambled on! I'm really happy to have found this place and look so forward to getting to know all of you! BEST OF LUCK to all of those trying to quit!!! My goal is for us to BOTH be cigarette free by our 30th. anniversary (in May).

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