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Hi, I was hoping that someone may have some advice for me in dealing with the constipation caused by the chantix. I am 14 days on chantix and 7 days without a smoke. and 6 days of total constipation ! Talked to my Dr she prescribed me Glycolax twice daily with 2 senecot at the same time after 2 days of that I am still not going. So to complicate things even further, I wake up this morning to a major herpes outbreak, and asking myself is this really worth all this hell?

As for drinking fluids, eating right and excersise, I drink water all day I do not drink soda of any kind, I drink some fruit juices. I eat a high fiber low fat diet and very little red meat. I walk 3 miles a day and work out at the qym 3 times a week. So there is nothing in reguard to my diet or activity level that would contribute to this constipation. It has to be due to the chantix.

So since I haven't had a smoke in 7 days anyways I am thinking I ought to stop taking the chantix and just wing it from here on out unless there are some other things that will help with this problem. I cant tollerate this constipation that is stessing me out and now leading to other problems.

I am so frustrated over all this because I do believe that the chantix has been a tremendous help and I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to quit but maybe it just isnt right for me :confused:
I'm sorry you're having problems RCquit ; ;, Are you on the full dose now of Chantix? Maybe you could try half, just take one pill a day instead of two. Congratulations on 7 smoke free days!

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