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OK I need to quit smoking - I know that but my mind is extremely stubborn and I literally have a rebel like attitude that says I can smoke if I want to.
It's almost like I use smoking as a reward if I do something good -- definitely a habit.

Anyway........curious to know if anyone has tried hypnosis and if it worked.

Is Chantix like Wellbutrin and anti depressant? Can I take Chantix with Wellbutrin (I take it for depression) and I also take Adderall for ADHD.

I have quit cold turkey before for surgery and when I was pregnant and had no desire for one but the minute I was past the "danger" period I rewarded myself with a cigarette and wham I'm back to smoking. I hate the smell, I never smoke in public, and I want to quit but my sick mind seems to enjoy my little secret of smoking. Sick, huh?

Anyone have any advice or helpful hints?
Hi river525,
Glad you recoginze that you need to quit. At least you are thinking about it. That's a start.
Chantix acts on the areas of the brain affected by nicotine and helps those who smoke cigarettes to quit smoking in two ways: by providing some nicotine effects to ease the withdrawal symptoms and by blocking the effects of nicotine from cigarettes if they start smoking again. It is not anything like Wellbutrin. It is not nicotine replacement either. As far as I know the Chantix does not interfer with any medications. BUT you need to check with your doctor or pharmacist.

About the hypnosis....I have not tried that. But my brother did a few years back. It worked for him for about 2 years. Then he started back smoking. I don't know why he didn't go get hypnotized again.

You know all smokers "reward" themselves with a cigarette. That's what we do. (or did, I should say!!) Got out of bed. yippie..go smoke a cigarette. cleaned the kitchen up....good going...go smoke a cigarette. had a bad day...I know how to cure that...go smoke a cigarette. You need to start watching and noting when and why you smoke. Also try putting it off as long as you can and only smoke when you NEED one, not WANT one.

I urge you to stop smoking by whatever means is right for you. You will not believe how much better you will feel. I didn't know I felt so bad until I began to feel so good. I can take a deep breath now and not start coughing. I can laugh myself silly and not start coughing. I smell soooo much better. My husband says I taste better too. My kisses are a lot sweeter. He loves to smell my hair now. He has always been a non smoker.

There are all kinds of reasons to quit. Find yours.

Good Luck to you!!

Howdy River525, and welcome.
I've had some thoughts reading through the thread, and I don't want to be a de-railer, as that is not my intent.
First off, I'm 57 days on Chantix. This is about my 8th or more times to try quitting smoking at all. The day before my 'quit date' I happened upon a self-help/self-hypnosis recording regarding quitting smoking, and classified it under "Act-o'-God", put it on the computer and listened to it almost every night for a week. (basically, light new-age music and self-affirmation)
I still drag out its messages each day when temptation comes calling.
And oh yeah, for me, everyday, temptation comes calling.
And this brings me to Point 2nd! Time to decide if you are REALLY a rebel or just wanted to be a pain in the butt! ;) Try something completely different and rebel against your nature to smoke! Like I said, every day for at least the last couple of weeks, there has come a time I would *really* like a cigarette. I wish I could tell you that Chantix can make it all a fairy story, but that wouldn't make it much of a test of how one might 'rebel' against their base animal nature that hooked on this crap. This is a trick I dreamed up to use on myself, that every desire for a cigarette is a test to be passed, to be more than I've ever been able to. Every one I get past is a rebellion against the 34 year mistake I'd been making. Every cigarette not smoked a testimony that one more time I could do what I *should* rather than what I wanted.
Ah, point three, way back in the beginning you mention Wellbutrin and Adderall in your regimen already, and you really owe yourself to discuss with your doctor about what kind of mix you might get out of it all with Chantix as I believe there is some psychoacitivy to all three meds and maybe nobody every *tried* all three together before. I tried wellbutrin to quit several times, but after the first try failed, the others just cranked me up.. (I don't have high regards for the lackadaisical attitude of handing out antidpressants with the rapidity that can happen in our culture. I've felt over-medicated in the past before for wrong reasons before, so maybe my bias is showing...

Well, not to freak you out, just thougt some of my thoughts might hold up a little in your regimen of coping mechanisms you will armor yourself with.
All methods are worth working if we remember what we can use them for!

We're pulling for you, and I'm personally looking for candidates to take my place when my 55 year old ponytail falls out and there are no more wars to protest. :D

Best Regards,

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