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Hi river,
The queasy stomach may be from not eating enough when you take the pill or not drinking a FULL glass of water. Try to eat something and see if that helps.
I didn't have to run to the bathroom. I had constipation the whole 12 weeks!! Had to take milk of mag. a few time. Sorry I can't help you with that one. Maybe some Pepto will help if you can take that stuff!! My hubby swears by it. I throw it up each time I've tried to take it.
Explain to kids that you are doing this for them as well as yourself and you need their help. Tell them the crankiness won't last forever and to give you LOTS of room!! It will get better!! Promise!!

Hi River: Congratulations on your decision to become a quitter!! Good work.

From what I've read here since joining this Board (which is a wonderful place to be), everyone has some kind of discomfort, etc., at the very beginning. My biggest problem was being so horribly tired and zombie like. I've always taken the Chantix on a full stomach w/ 16 oz. of water....have never had an upset stomach. Had some constipation in the very beginning, but added raw brocilli and cauliflower to my diet on a daily basis. Had some headaches, but aspirin (or something like that) helped. For me, the side effects I experienced were over in 11 days from the time I started the rx. Believe me: being uncomfortable, etc. for those 11 days was well worth getting on the road to becoming a non-smoker. I'm one month, 12 days and I feel wonderful!

For sure, you won't find anyone here who sits in judgment of you. Everyone is going thru - or has been thru - the same or similar thing and each of us can relate to the others. Please keep us posted on your progress and, again:
CONGRATS!! :blob_fire

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