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Hopefully, I'll be able to say, "Yes, Chantix works for smokeless tobacco." in a couple months. Right now, I'm not so sure.

I quit using Kodiak 2 weeks ago after a 25 year addiction. Last week I went to see my doctor, kind of as a routine check-up, but also to see if he had any suggestions to help with quitting.

I've tried the gum and the patch. Anyone that has chewed knows that's like putting a band-aid on a severed limb. It's there, but it sure isn't going to do much. One pinch is about the equivalent of 4 cigarettes. The problem with quitting Kodiak is that everything seems to be geared toward smoking. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong nasty habit.

I had the standard symptoms - nausea, constipation, jitters, sweating, abnormally short temper and cold symptoms. The biggest problem was insomnia though, which made me a walking zombie the rest of the day. He gave me a prescription for Xanax that day, and told me that I should try Chantix if I was still having trouble with the cravings.

I'm on my fifth day with the Chantix. The directions say that your supposed to start taking it the week before you quit. I tried to tell my wife that I needed to keep chewing for another week to stay with the instructions, but unfortunately she wasn't buying into it.

Right now I really can't say that the Chantix is doing all that much. The cravings are still coming with great frequency, but they're not as strong. I have all of the same triggers. My temper seems to be back under control (at least as far as I'm able to control it.) I have noticed slight nausea after taking the Chantix, but nothing like the first couple days after quitting Kodiak. I've noticed increased heartburn, but I don't know if that's related to the Chantix or not.

I'm not getting excited yet though. I've quit longer than this, but I've never felt as confident that I was ready to walk away from my habit.

It's the beginning of a long, rough journey for me, and I'm definitely open to suggestions.

One more thing - I've become a sunflower seed junkie. Hard candy helps, but I have to avoid mint (it reminds me of what I'd rather be chewing). The beef jerky snuff isn't bad, but the mint snuff tears up my gums worse than any tobacco ever did.

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