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Re: Ahhhh!!!
Apr 1, 2007
Hi John - I just read the tail-end of this posting, and saw something about showers, so I had to go back and read the whole darned thing...;)

Hey - I hope you're doing better, and are not getting the waves of anxiety. It really does get better with each passing day. I swear - that first week - I thought I would go crazy. Between the not sleeping, the crying for no reason, the constipation, the foggy head syndrome, and the nicotine leaving my body, I didn't think I would make it!! But lo and behold I did - and I'm here to tell ya - it's a beautiful thing....

I quit taking the Chantix after the 2nd week - and have done great with my quit. My husband quit the meds too - just didn't feel like we needed them - after we missed a dose or two, we figured - hey, let's quit altogether and see what happens! I had made up my mind I was not going to smoke again - and that's that!!!! And it worked!!

Good luck to you!! You can do it!!! :angel: :angel:

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