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Hi, I am on the last day of my starter pack of Chantix and know that I'm supposed to stop smoking as of tomorrow (unfortunately have a very big party to attend tomorrow and know it's going to be really difficult not to smoke)......I was wondering, has anyone smoked beyond the start pack and if so, how long/how much? Thanks for any feedback.....this is a great site and support..

Thanks for the supportive feedback....this site and the people on it are amazing....have been smoking 25 yrs., tried quiting w/ everything that was available and nothing worked (have got a closet filled w/ expired patches, gum, etc.....) so far the chantix is the only thing that has been remotely helpful. When you went to the blue pills, did you find that your cravings lessened even more?

Hi sabresfan!
Welcome to the message board!! We are so happy you have decided to quit smoking!! You are not going to believe how much better you will feel!!

I chickened out on day 8 of the Chantix. But on day 9, I got up and thought to myself that if I'm going to do this, I've got to stop sometime!!
There are people here who have gone two weeks past their initial stop date. So just set a date and see how you feel on that date. The blue pill is a stronger dosage and it will help to lessen your desire to smoke.
Continue to smoke until your quit date. But try to postpone when you smoke by 5 minutes or longer if you can. Mix up your routine of smoking. The Chantix helps you with the addiction, but you have to work on the habit. By postponing and changing where or when you smoke it will help you with the habit.
Good Luck to you!!
Please let us know how you are doing.

Hey Sabresfan and welcome to the quitter's club!! How was the party? That's funny - I have expired patches, and Wellbutrin too - and now I have 4 packs of smokes in the house that I can throw away!! I was gonna give them away, but never did. I guess I should just toss them - but dang, that's $12 worth of smokes!! Alright - the trash comes tomorrow, they are gone, I promise.

I quit on my scheduled quit date (I think) the first day of taking the blue pill - and then quit taking the Chantix altogether after 2 weeks total - with no ill effects and no cravings of wanting to smoke.

I hope you have set another quit date by now, and are on your wait to becoming a non-smoker for good. This site is a great help - I swear - I spent every waking moment on here and was worried I might be replacing my tobacco addiction with internet addiction...:D
I quit mid-way through my 11th day on Chantix. I just sort of put them down and haven't really had the desire to have one. Today is my 5th DAY QUIT!!!! Pack a day smoker for 25+ years, nothing got in the way of my smoking! My kids used to say I was 'smoking up the car' while driving, and I'd argue that the window is cracked and all the smoke is going OUTSIDE, so stop complaining. But you know what? I've found they were right. My husband lit up the other day in the passenger seat, with the window cracked, and I could smell it plain as day. My poor children suffered through that for years and I've promised them that it will never happen again! And the car gets a steam cleaning this coming weekend because even after not smoking for as little as 5 days, it stinks so bad I want to trade it in!
My husband is also on Chantix, a week behind me, Saturday was his 8th day and he wasn't ready yet. So he's still taking it one day at a time, which is fine because I know he'll do it eventually. Another friend took 3 weeks to quit, went through the whole 12 weeks on Chantix, and when she got off she experienced something similar to what TrueBrit did, the enormous cravings, but hers were daily and constant. So the dr put her back on the low dosage indefinately. His reasoning was that a lot of people take a pill everyday for something, high blood pressure, heart problems, GI problems. Why not to keep from smoking? The rough part is over, it's all just maintenance from here. Thankfully, she's doing fine on the lower dose.

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