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Yes, it's nice to not have to go outside in the cold weather!!! I should have quit in January! LOL It's been a cold winter here in Canada!

Your cigarettes are cheap! I figure I'll be saving about $260/month!

To be honest, we do have an Indian reserve where I was getting smokes for around $22/carton, but they are the cheap ones that made me sick and ruined my voice! For the last few months, I've had to switch back to the expensive ones, but I think the damage was done.

A friend of mine quit 4 years ago and she said it took 2 years for her tonsils to go back to normal! Yikes! Mine are much better after 9 days not smoking, but still enlarged.

I'll have to look for those cinnamon sticks! Right now, I have my inhaler, toothpicks and coffee stir sticks! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone and remember,

"Smoking is no longer an option!!!!!"


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