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Hi EvonneMCFC!
Your description of anxiety is familiar with me.
You didn't say how or for how long you have quit and had this going on...
Every time I quit, I get 'wound up' a little tighter than normal, and I tend to be a bit edgy, 'normally' anyhow. I usually quit sleeping from quitting.
THIS time however, I'm doing Chantix to help quit, Ambien CR to help sleep, and Xanax by day to keep me from ...'aggressive' attitude. ;) Just WAY too anxious!
Although I've mostly got an edge to me, I'm up to 77 days quit without going totally over the edge. I'm really pleased in that I feel in spite of this 3 prong 'better living through chemistry' bit, becoming quit of cigarettes has become a real possibility in my life after 33 years of 2+ packs a day..
I've tried the Wellbutrin several times. Although I felt it was doing pretty good for me at the time, from the 'inside', it had psychological effects on me that my wife will assert. More stimulant effects where I was more manic, energetic and 'always right'. :jester:
Again, in spite of where I'm at chemically, my wife has told me I am more 'level' than in the 15 years she has known me. That includes just me on my cigarette habit.
Mind you, this has all been under the supervision of my doctor, not just me experimenting, so there is a 'plan' to eventually find me drug free. The Chantix will be over for me in a few days, and I'm generally tired enough to only use the Ambien every few nights. I get a few headaches, but that's normal for me.
Ultimately, my point is that I had to find a way to keep me mentally healthy to be at my best to beat the Nicodemon. No sleep, no calm, no good. Even without the ability to come in here and 'witness' or whine, I don't know if I'd have gotten this quit.
Did you ever ride a motorcycle? If so, you know you have to 'lean' into turns.
This is a turn in your life where you have to use all of your good self to 'lean' into your change of direction without cigarettes. If anxiety is getting you anxious; if that is the danger that may make your quit fail, talk to your doctor. He's there to help make you well, and you being off cigarettes will make his job easier. I hope you have a doctor as progressive as mine to help you through this if you need.
Wishing you luck, Evonne. Heck, I'm still wishing *ME* luck that this is going to work as eloquently as I tried to explain!;)
Let us know how its going; its possible!
Best Regards,

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