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Hi new quitters!!

I'm so excited for ya'll!! I just know that before long all of you will be quitters!!

Suggestion: Don't smoke unless you really need it. Change up your smoking habits. Wait at least 5 minutes to light up. Change locations of where you smoke. If you smoke inside your house, go outside to smoke.
These suggestions will make it a little easier when you finally give them up.

Have a plan ready. What are you going to do after you eat? What are going to do when you answer the phone? You know what your "habit" smoking is. Plan to do something different. I smoked outside. So after I ate, I just didn't go outside. I went and laid down on the couch. Did that for the first couple of weeks. In fact, since I did smoke outside and each time I went out I thought I HAD to have a cigarette, I stayed inside as much as possible!!

Find something that is going to work for you. Find something to do with your hands. I have been advocating cinnamon sticks for a long time. Fibrana has found that they work for her.

Make you some straw cigarettes if you need to. Cut the straws the length of a cigarette and stuff it with enough cotton until the draw is about that of a cigarette. Someone said to put a little vicks on the end of it if you smoked menthol. Keep these all over the place and suck on them when you feel the urge to smoke. Keep fruit and low calorie foods and sugar free candy around.
I still love sugar free wintogreen life savers!! Took them fishing with me yesterday in case I felt the urge to smoke. (That was one of my "firsts" yesterday.)

Good Luck to all of you!! Can't wait to here you say "I'm smoke free"!!


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