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I am new to the board. I've been on Chantix for 10 days and have not had any side nausea, and I don't eat when I take it...just cofee in the morning and I take it.
But! I also have not quit...I am down to 3 a day. Anyone take longer than a week to quit? Somehow knowing that I can have those 3 makes it possible for me to get through the day. But I have to quit! Any ideas or anyone that went through the same thing? By the way, I don't relate to cigarettes tasting bad at this point. They taste GOOD and I'm sucking them down like a lifeline.
Hi New Posters: Glad to have you w/ us and CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to become quitters. Everyone seems to have some of the same side effects from Chantix and others have side effects that are somewhat unique to them. Bottom line: we're all different what happened w/ one person isn't necessarily what's gonna happen with someone else. I think that's what's so great about posting: we can compare notes and symptoms and experiences.

I've had very few side effects....mostly extreme tiredness in the beginning. Everything I went thru (which wasn't all that much) was well worth it. I've been quit almost three months. In fact, May 1st will be my last pill.

I love no longer smoking and you will, too!! Oh, yes -- I was terrified at the beginning as to what things were gonna be like on Chantix. I, too, had suffered horrible withdrawal with other quits. For me, nothing can compare with the's been my magic pill.

Keep coming back and posting. It's a tremendous help!! BEST WISHES!! :)

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