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Hi nuttygirl!

I'm new on the boards here and on Chantix. I will be taking my 4th pill today.
This will be my first day of taking 2 pills so i will post about how that goes.

I honestly do not feel any anxiety at all on these meds. In fact i feel the opposite. Somewhat mellow. I'm taking the pill with food and i've had no naseau. I hate eating in the mornings but i'm making myself eat a little something and then drinking a breakfast drink with it. So far no nightmares although i do dream but then again i've always dreamed.

I have so far cut back on cigs but not as much as i'd like to be right now. I was a 2 pack a day smoker until Ohio put in the non smoking law and since Jan. i have cut myself back to around a pack a day. I've smoked for 30 yrs so i believe chantix has already started to hep with the cravings but we ourselves have to help with the habit of reaching for a ciggy.

I also like that i've read so much about people and their stop dates and that it doesn't have to absolutely be on the 7 th day. Some people have gone less than that and some a little more. Gives me a little more wiggle room for the meds to kick in more. I'm hoping i'm one of them that cig's start tasting bad because that will make it so much easier to not light one.

Good luck! Keep posting!

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