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Hi my names john and im hoping this support group can halp me and maybe i can help others..To get to the point smoking sucks its a nightmare i cant breath good no more at all but im seriously addicted..So I got chantix..Im starting this thread to ask for some support in quitting,and also im on my 7th day today is the first day i took the 2 1mg pills..When should my quit day be? I dont really feel any affects from chantix yet im just smoking as usual..So what should my quit day be? I have no clue..Oh and also one more question..Is it true you can get sick from smoking on chantix? I have been smoking on it for this time and have not felt anything unusual..Thanks guys,John
Hi John!!
Welcome to the message board!! You can get tons of support here! We're really good with that!! We just love to cheer people on.

Congratulations on your decision to become healthy and smoke free!!
The Chantix will help you do that.
Most people quit smoking sometime within the second week of taking the Chantix. But there are people who have taken a little longer. I quit on day 9 after 40 years of smoking.
You should be noticing that the urge to smoke is getting less. Try not to smoke unless you really need to. Don't just light up because that's what you always do. Ask yourself if you really need this one. Try to postpone smoking for at least 5 minutes, longer if you can. Doing stuff like this will help you when you finally do quit.
There is a web site that you might find helpful.
It offers lots of good info and tips on quitting smoking. The forever free booklets can be downloaded to your computer and read when you have the time. It helped me tremendously!
Read all you can about smoking. The more you know, the more apt you are to stay quit.
Come here often. Read and post on this board. The people here will give you lots of inspiration. They never are judgemental and are always very encouraging.

Good Luck to you!


p.s. haven't heard of anyone getting sick from smoking while on Chantix. Most people say they taste bad, but no one has mentioned getting sick.

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