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Chantix script
Apr 20, 2007
Hi everyone

I have a question/concern about my prescription.

The doctor that prescribed it told me he's heard great things about it but it is very new and did not know much other than what he has heard. Told me to search the internet for info about it (which is how I found this board and I'm glad I have).

He tells me I am his first patient he has prescribed this for, he wasn't even sure if the pharmacies were stocked with it, since it is so new (New but not as new as he thought, I guess)

I took my 4th pill last nite (taking it after dinner). I can tell its doing something but not enough for me to not get up and go buy another pack of smokes. I am so tired of smoking, coughing, smelling bad, sneaking around, listening to my son lecture me, burning my clothes, hair, and a million other reasons.

I want this to work! I am also taking Lexapro for anxiety (before the Chantix) so I figured if I'm already calmer, I should quit smoking too.

Anyway, the prescription is for 60 .05mg pills with 3 refills. He told me to take 1/day for week and 2/day after that.

There are no 1mg pills. Should I call him? Will 2 (.05) pills a day be enough to help me?

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