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Hi Izzy!:wave:
[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"][B]Congratulations on being smoke free for 5 1/2 months!! Wonderful!!!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]:bouncing: :bouncing: There was someone on here yesterday or day before that was asking about the lozenges. They were getting addicted to them and were afraid to give them up after about month, I think. How long did you use them and did you have any trouble getting off of them?

Oh I don't think it's just the Chantix either. I think it's stopping the nicotine.
From what I've read about weight gain and stopping smoking, most everyone is going to gain a few pounds. Trish and True Brit had really been working hard to not gain weight. But most people don't that. Also the more you smoke, the more weight you gain after you stop.

I'm overweight anyway. I could lose at least 50 pounds!! But when I put on 18 pounds from the first of Novermber to the first of January, I knew I was in deep trouble. I started dieting in January and took off the 18 pounds in about 2 months. But I still can't take off the 50 pounds that I need to lose!!! Need to get back on the diet. :dizzy:

Hopsing, of course you are doing good!! :angel: You are always so positive in your posts! I really like your attitude. You amaze me, lady.

Good Luck to everyone!!:angel:


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