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When I first started taking Chantix about a month ago I immediately noticed that I was overly tired, hungry a lot, and exercising was difficult. I persisted and continued picking up the pace. I couldn't bear the thought of living with those side effects for another month +. I only take one pill each day with breakfast. This has dramatically reduced my side effects and the weight is coming off quickly. I walk the steps at work (14 flights) once or twice a day. On weekends I mountain bike/do houswork and I am maintaining a healthy weight (i'm 5'2 and I weigh about 126-128). It is also important to remember that weight gain may not be a good indicator. Questions I ask myself are:
1. can I exercise comfortably?
(am I out of breath, too tired to exercise - often when I am out of shape it is more difficult to exercise so I do it for less time more often)
2. do my clothes fit properly? (i've been wearing the same size clothes for quite some time now and if they get snug its time to cut back on the pizza and get out and do more - I will be 30 in 6 months and I have a 10-year old so I keep a close eye on this)
3. I eat a good, healthy, balanced diet low in calories in fat as much as possible and I cook almost all of our meals from scratch to avoid trans fats and hidden preservatives/sodium that would contribute to weight gain

In short, you could be retaining water, gaining muscle, any number of things. Take the focus away from your weight and more to your "gut" feelings. If you are near your recommended weight range/bmi, are comfortable in your clothes, and can get out there and exercise and have fun don't worry about it. If you are short of your goal in any of those areas, there is no substitute for drinking more water, exercising more, and eating healthy foods.

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